The McAlister Concert model takes its inspiration from the old Martin O.M. of the early 30's. Incorporating vintage style scalloped bracing and light construction, McAlister Guitars' contemporary design and styling provides today's guitarist with an amazingly versatile instrument.

Possessing the volume of a Dreadnought, exceptional string to string balance and sophisticated overtone complexity, the McAlister Concert model has been an inspirational studio and stage instrument for many- including legendary singer song-writers, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Jackson Browne and Marc Cohn.

It has been a steadfast belief at McAlister Guitars that a guitar not only matches its potential tonally but should also play with the greatest of ease and be ergonomically correct. This will be an instrument that is going to stretch your abilities and inspire growth by keeping the focus on what you're playing rather than how you're playing. The Concert model is a guitar that disappears the moment you start playing and doesn't challenge your comfort or posture.

McAlister Guitars offers the Concert in either 12 or 14 fret models to provide the player with further personalization of their instrument.